ZoomPlays Video: Zombies/BigDay/Graven

By Theatre Nova (other events)

Thu, Oct 15 2020 1:00 PM Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:00 AM

RECORDED LIVE on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020  Running time: approximately 50 minutes

A theatre company rehearses for a reading on Zoom during the Coronavirus pandemic. Their relationships behind the scenes and major historical upheavals intersect with the theme of the play, which is that zombies exist within all of us and compel us to move forward, fighting. Directed by Shelby Seeley. Featuring Hananiah Wiggins, Sarah Gunter, Cameron Graham, Alejandra Villanueva, and Parker Stephen Nolan. 

THE BIG DAY by Catherine Zudak
Chiara, the maid of honor, is hosting a Zoom meeting to plan a bachelorette party for her good friend, Alya. She reluctantly includes the groom’s best friend, Reece, who also happens to be good friends with the best man, her boyfriend. When Chiara accuses Reece of trying to sabotage the party planning Reece reluctantly shares an unexpected twist on the big day. Directed by Shelby Seeley. Featuring Nathalie Estiverne, Emma Colleen Doyle, and Anna Grace Howard.

GRAVEN IMAGES by Stephanie Buckley
Graven Images presents what happens if an online class steals a little bit of each of its students’ souls—forcing them to spend all of eternity together in Zoom. Directed by Shelby Seeley. Featuring  Emily Slomovits, Monte LeGrant, James Wohlfert, Delshawn Akpan, Ali Ghannam, David Liskow, Amanda Buchalter, Rachel Thursby, and Sarah Gunter.

Upon purchase, your ticket confirmation will include a link to a video of the live performance. This will be available for streaming through Oct 31st.

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